"Pentothal" wrote:

> I guess this is the wrong place to ask for a new PHP
> feature, but ... I don't know where else to ask!
> I just want to signal to C skilled (and willing) people
> here that there is a new interesting RDBMS server called
> picoSQL (www.picosoft.it).

This page has an english section:


> Besides beeing really small it's really full-featured and
> fast. It's available for Linux and NT, it has a windows
> ODBC driver (and JDBC driver, too), and ODBC 2.5 compliant
> C/C++ API. It supports transactions, row level locking,
> BLOBS, sub-queries and more...
> Well: it needs a PHP module!
> P.S.
> Last but not least: it distributed under GPL !

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