Hi Eric

> I currently can upload the file using pg_lo_import. I get back my
OID which
> I store in a separate table
I think this is the point. PostgreSQL doesn't store the uploaded file
physically in the table but only the OID which is a reference to the
file which is stored in a system catalogue.

> and I can remove the files using the unlink
> command.
To remove the file you pass the OID and PHP does the rest. It means
that you do not access the uploaded file directyly but only its

> However for the life of me I cannot get the file to be downloaded
from a
> person's browsers. I keep getting an error that the file cannot be
Because you 'see' only the reference to this file and only PostgreSQL
knows the place on the harddisk where it is stored.

So if you want to make the uploaded files dowloadable why don't  you
store them somewhere in your filesystem and put the path into your


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