Hi Eric

> It was my understanding (from a friend) that I could actually store
> files in the database and thereby eliminate me having to setup

If you use the large-objects-interface then the files go somewhere
else and the references (OIDs) are stored in the tables.

Another way is to store large objects by using the PostgreSQL-datatype
BYTEA which is a octet-stream of your data. If you use this datatype
the objects will be stored in the tables directly. But you have to
escape the stream before storing and to unescape when you retrieve it.
Since PHP 4.2 you can use the function pg_escape_bytea() before
inserting. To unescape the selected data use stripcslashes(). I think
this schould work.

Another way is to use base64_encode() to encode the data and then
insert and base64_decode() after you retrieved it. This way the data
is also stored in the table directly.


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