ODBC is not inherently slower - it depends if the driver is built as an
abstraction to the native layer or if it bypasses the native layer.   In
addition, a properly written ODBC driver will actually enforce
additional functionality on the back-end database, to further isolate
you from functional lacks.

Also, If you are going to migrate databases and have to change the
database API calls in your script, do yourself a favor and use PEAR:DB
with ODBC - less changes in the future.

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Andrew Hill
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OpenLink Software
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Subject: [PHP-DB] MSSQL functions vs. ODBC functions

I am not sure if this question has been asked before, If so sorry for

I have a site that the Client is moving from a MySQL db to Microsoft SQL
Is it better to setup an ODBC connection to SQL Server and use the ODBC
functions OR to use the MSSQL functions.  If I have the choice with is
better or are they about the same.  Logic would say ODBC is slower
it is another layer on top of the DB, but I don't know.


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