On 07/25/2002 02:34 PM, Andrew Hill wrote:
> Mark,
> ODBC is not inherently slower - it depends if the driver is built as an
> abstraction to the native layer or if it bypasses the native layer.   In
> addition, a properly written ODBC driver will actually enforce
> additional functionality on the back-end database, to further isolate
> you from functional lacks.

The truth is that ODBC is insufficient and does not seem to be useful to 
completely isolate you from having to handle many database differences 
in your PHP database applications.

> Also, If you are going to migrate databases and have to change the
> database API calls in your script, do yourself a favor and use PEAR:DB
> with ODBC - less changes in the future.

This is another issue, but the truth is that PEAR:DB ODBC driver is very 
weak (read pratically useless for database independent development) 
precisely because ODBC API does not provide information or functions to 
deal with the underlying database in a independent manner.

Maybe you should try developing real database independent applications 
with it so you can have a real picture of how frustrating it can be.

Manuel Lemos

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> Subject: [PHP-DB] MSSQL functions vs. ODBC functions
> I am not sure if this question has been asked before, If so sorry for
> asking
> again.
> I have a site that the Client is moving from a MySQL db to Microsoft SQL
> Server.
> Is it better to setup an ODBC connection to SQL Server and use the ODBC
> functions OR to use the MSSQL functions.  If I have the choice with is
> better or are they about the same.  Logic would say ODBC is slower
> because
> it is another layer on top of the DB, but I don't know.
> Mark.
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Manuel Lemos

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