The smallest amount of database storage is going to be with a TinyInt and if
you set up two constants to represent TRUE and FALSE then all your code will
read correctly and will store correctly. EG:

define("TRUE", 1);
define("FALSE", 0);

now you can use TRUE and FALSE in your program where you would use any
variable (just don't use a dollar sign in front of them). This will make
your code much easier to read in the long run. Plus, if you create a 'master
global' file with all of your custom routines that you use in all programs,
you could have these globals there as well avaialable to all your programs
without thinking about it again.

Remember, keep your code readable, runable and reusable!

Jim Hunter
Diamond Computing

-------Original Message-------

From: andy
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2002 07:40:19 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] best way to stare true, false

Hi there,

I am searching for the best way to store true or false inside a MySQL DB.
With best I mean the most data efficient way and in the same time the best
for fast searching later on the table to find all which are false, or true.
I think I did read something about a way to do this with ENUM, but cant
remember where and how, all tryes did not succeeed so far.

Thanx for any help on that.


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