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Well,  there  has  been  a lot of talk on this list about whether you should put
anything  into  the  database  except  the  data it self - and i don't think you
should.  Place  the data in the database and make the output script (html codes)
the  way  you  think  those  data  should be layed-out - you can, of course, put
formatting-data into database but then you'll need to create a script (practicly
a  data-parser)  which will read those stuff (formatting) from database and then
according  to  them  the script will have to format text in the output web-page.
This is much more complicated !

If  you  don't  like this answer - maybe you should be more specific (what is it
you are trying to do) ?

Smita> hello,
Smita> i'm using php with sql i wanted to store text in database along with 
Smita> formatting, so that when i retrieve it, it should be printed with all the 
Smita> formatting which is used while storing the value in database. is there any 
Smita> function as such for this stuff?

Smita> thnx and regards,
Smita> smita.


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