in my form i'm accepting news text from user. (user has to copy news from 
other sites and paste it in that field in the form) then i insert it in 
database. when i retrieve it and display again, i want it should be printed 
along with formatting which was in the original news that user had pasted. 
if it sounds much complicated stuff for text color,size or other 
enhancement, it should work
atleast for paraghaps and indentations, so that the whole news should be 

would like to know more abt a data-parser which u have mentioned.
is there any other possible suggestion for this?

thnx and regards,

>From: Dejan Rajic Reply-To: Dejan Rajic To: "Smita Manohar" CC: 
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] how to store formated text in 
>database Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 07:20:51 +0200
>This is CorpseEater's reply on your message send to him on 8/19/2002 :
>Well, there has been a lot of talk on this list about whether you should 
>put anything into the database except the data it self - and i don't think 
>you should. Place the data in the database and make the output script (html 
>codes) the way you think those data should be layed-out - you can, of 
>course, put formatting-data into database but then you'll need to create a 
>script (practicly a data-parser) which will read those stuff (formatting) 
>from database and then according to them the script will have to format 
>text in the output web-page. This is much more complicated !
>If you don't like this answer - maybe you should be more specific (what is 
>it you are trying to do) ?
>Smita> hello, Smita> i'm using php with sql i wanted to store text in 
>database along with Smita> formatting, so that when i retrieve it, it 
>should be printed with all the Smita> formatting which is used while 
>storing the value in database. is there any Smita> function as such for 
>this stuff?
>Smita> thnx and regards, Smita> smita.

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