Shiloh Madsen wrote:
> I was wondering if there were any good documents out there about good database 
>design...I know the basics of creating tables, setting data types and such, and now i 
>want to know how to use it to the best effect...generating logical, streamlined 
>tables, etc. 

have you got a lifetime?  seriously, just google it.  say "relational 
database design" and start from there.  or pick up some college text 
book on that subject

> As a side-related note, i have a few tables now that call for some data which could 
>be quite lengthly, say 3-6 paragraphs worth of text. what would be the best data 
>style and length for this kind of field?

you can use either TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT or LONGTEXT.  64K, 16 million and 4 
billion bytes, respectively...

the downside is the space taken up when the actual data is less than the 
field size.

then there's VARCHAR.  the downside is that it's limited to 255 bytes... 
  good news is that it's N+1 byte size.

Leo G. Divinagracia III

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