A really good starting-level textbook is Fabian Pascal's "Practical issues in database 
management". My warm recommendation.

It will give you a decent theoretical understanding as well as helping you designing 
your DB in order to avoid the most usual design mistakes. You will find there VERY 
important design stuff that you won't find in web tutorials.

Ignatius Reilly


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  From: Shiloh Madsen 
  Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 1:34 AM
  Subject: [PHP-DB] Database question

  I was wondering if there were any good documents out there about good database 
design...I know the basics of creating tables, setting data types and such, and now i 
want to know how to use it to the best effect...generating logical, streamlined 
tables, etc. 

  As a side-related note, i have a few tables now that call for some data which could 
be quite lengthly, say 3-6 paragraphs worth of text. what would be the best data style 
and length for this kind of field?

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