Hi Manoj,

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try out this



Now run include.php directly outputted is: /include.php
run main.php outputted is: /main.php

Hope that helps?

so in include.php, you can say:

if($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']!='/main.php') {echo 'forbidden to call the script 
direcly'; exit;}

Op woensdag 28 augustus 2002 22:26, schreef u:
> hi bas,
>   I am sorry but I could not follow what you meant by saying
> include
> abcd.php. I am a bit new to PHP and so I am bit slow to grasp
> the
> concepts. If I am not wrong, I understand that if by including a
> file
> the whole file is displayed in addition to the main file, i.e. if
> I
> include abcd.php in mnop.php the output would be mnop.php plus the
> the
> output of abcd.php, right?
> And could you explain what  "$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] equals
> /mnop.php
> for both scripts." means.
> Thanks for your help and patience. I appreciate that.
> Best Regards,
> Manoj.

Op woensdag 28 augustus 2002 17:44, schreef Manoj Japher:
> hi,
>    I have a question. Hoping someone may help me out.
>   Can a PHP page say file "abcd.php" access a variable $xyz which
> is
> used in another file "mnop.php"? I mean can I refer to a
> variable
> whose value has been set in some other file.
>   The point is that the file "mnop.php" after finishing its query
> and
> on a particular case loads "abcd.php".
>   The reason is, I need to check everytime the file "abcd.php"
> is
> loaded, I should be able to determine that it was loaded by
> "mnop.php"
> and not by typing in the complete URL to "abcd.php" on the Web
> Browser.
> Hoping someone could tell me how if it is possible
> Best Regards,
> Manoj
> 'I have miles to go before I sleep, and promises to keep'

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