Could you enable a session variable to keep track of it?  If you have an 
"if" statement in mnop.php that calls the abcd.php page, then have that 
"if" statement also start a session and register a variable.  This way, if 
the variable you set is equal to a certain value, then you know that 
abcd.php was called from mnop.php.


At 03:44 PM 8/28/2002 +0000, Manoj  Japher wrote:
>   I have a question. Hoping someone may help me out.
>  Can a PHP page say file "abcd.php" access a variable $xyz which is
>used in another file "mnop.php"? I mean can I refer to a variable
>whose value has been set in some other file.
>  The point is that the file "mnop.php" after finishing its query and
>on a particular case loads "abcd.php".
>  The reason is, I need to check everytime the file "abcd.php" is
>loaded, I should be able to determine that it was loaded by "mnop.php"
>and not by typing in the complete URL to "abcd.php" on the Web Browser.
>Hoping someone could tell me how if it is possible
>Best Regards,
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