I don't know if this is the place for a new programmer to get help.  But here 

// list items and get input for today's item uses/receipts

print ("<tr align=center valign=top>\n");

print ("<td align=left valign=top><select name=itemchoice><option>Choose Item</o

I am using the following code to let my users choose from a list of inventory items:

        $userarray = mysql_fetch_array($resultuser);
        while ($itemarray = mysql_fetch_array($resultitem)) {

                print ("<option 

        print ("</select>\n");

print ("</td>\n");

Some example items from which they choose are"apple sauce, case, 12/8oz" and "Beef, 
Patties Lean, 
A627, 40#, gov".

My problem is such.  When they choose and item and submit the transaction.....

   $qtrans = "insert into $tbltrans
                                values('0', 'daily', '$building', '$itemchoice',
 '0', '$count', '0', '$ddate', '$cat')";

I am loosing all of item description after the first comma.  "Beef, Patties Lean, 
A627, 40", gov" 
turns into "Beef,".

Can anyone help?

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