I'm a little confused/worried about database transactions, persistent 
connections and PHP.

I am worried that if I use persistent connections it might be possible 
for more than one PHP script to be inside the same transaction at the 
same time.

For example:

1- page1.php is a script that opens a persistent connection to a DB and 
starts a transaction.

2- User 1 goes to page1.php

3- User 2 goes to page1.php

My questions:

1- is it possible that user 2 will be using the same connection as user 
1? So if user 1's transaction fails so will user 2's?

2- If user 1's hits the stop button on his browser, what happens to his 
transaction? I assume it is stopped. But what about the connection? If 
user 2 gets the same connection, will his transaction fail?



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