Paul Dubois wrote:
>>  Does the script go from start to finish even though the connection to 
>> the browser has been severed. I.e. The script will run complete even 
>> if there is output to the browser as the script is running?
> Not necessarily.  It won't base its actions on what the browser might 
> happen
> to be doing while it's running, but it might exit early because of a bug,
> for example.  But normally it will run to completion.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

> You should write your script so that is *does* go from start to finish.
> Forget about what the user might be doing.

Trying *very* hard.

> No.  Don't use persistent connections.  If some unforeseen problem does
> occur with your script, the connection may be left open and you'll have
> the problems you're concerned about.  If you use a non-persistent 
> connection
> and a problem occurs, the connection will be closed (which presumably will
> make your transaction roll back).

Thanks. With what you've explained I understand the pitfalls persistent 
connections might and will not be using them. Such a shame ...

Thanks again for all the information!


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