Can someone point me in the direction of an online tutorial for php 
mysql that covers the following:

- Teaches me how to use php to access mysql
- Creating a db that is structured to be efficient
- How to add, modify, and delete records in a database
- How to search for records
- How to filter records
- How to sort records, by a certain field, alphabetical, descending etc.
- Indexes - how to create them, how to keep the updated with changes in 
the db a beginners look to in-depth approach.

Yes I've visited, and  I need a dumbed down version 
that pretty much holds my hand and is very detailed.  I've searched the 
net for a while now, and all the tutorials I have found... although 
simple... they don't go in-depth and move on to more advanced features.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.


Matt Zur

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