I am just starting with php and need some help/code example for
setting checkbox values from mysql. My setup is the following:

The mysql database holds data and checkbox values in respective columes.
For example

name    address phone           homeno          workno  pagerno
Chris   xxxx    555-1212        1               0       0

1 = checkbox should be checked
0 = checkbox should not be checked

On the webpage side I would have name, address and phone number textboxes,
and then 3 checkboxes for the "homeno", "workno" and "pagerno".

When the page loads I would like to have the checkboxes be automatically
checked or left uncheck based on the mysql query to the db. I do not want
to do any grouping or anything, just query mysql for the homeno value, set
it, then check the workno value, set it, etc..

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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