On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Wez Furlong wrote:

> I know this probably isn't the kind of comment you want just now, but...
> If this is to support ODBC v3+, why not call the functions odbc3_xxx instead
> of odbc2_xxx?  I think this could help prevent some head-scratching a little
> later down the track.

Well technically it's to move PHP's ODBC support further along.  I've just
been calling it ODBC2 locally here to make life easier when I talk to
other people (as in v2 of the PHP ODBC lib).

What I'm thinking I'd really like to see is ODBC move to PECL or something
like that, to allow me to keep it in a different release schedule (as ODBC
standards don't change that rapidly).  But I've heard some complaints
against such ideas, so I haven't pushed it (yet).  Anyways naming
convention can be changed very easily.

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