Hmm, is there no way to make the functions work with both odbc versions? 
  Have an odbc_set_version(int) function that can set the version of 
odbc to use.  The default can be version 3.  This way, with the addition 
of a single function call, scripts can provide BC.

Dan Kalowsky wrote:
> To Whom It May Concern,
> I've been working for the last few months (delayed often, but mostly the
> last few weeks) on what I've been tenatively calling ODBC2.  Basically
> this is what I'd like to see PHP v 5 have as it's default ODBC system.
> Some general notes about it:
> - It will break BC.  I have tried to conform and keep things the same,
> but I'm not making any promises to keep BC at this time.
> - It will support ODBC v 3.0 and greater only.  With the needs of many DBs
> to include larger typesets (like TEXT, NTEXT, IMAGE, etc) and UNICODE, I
> see this as being a necessity.
> Some implementation notes:
> - So far my testing is being done using iODBC, unixODBC, and Windows ODBC
> drivers.  I have no way of checking any of the others... help on this
> front would be appriciated.
> Some of the features already added to it:
> - Ability to control the ODBC environment handles before and after a
>   connection is created.
> - Ability to specify a CURSOR for use in statements.
> - More strongly enforced safe_mode restrictions.
> - The ability to connect to data sources without being defined locally.
> - A user can force the PHP system to create a new connection now.
> - An attempt to make the ODBC API look more like the MySQL/PostgreSQL APIs
>   feature setwise.
> - An option for the user to turn on which can allow dynamic sizing of a
>   result set text field (currently it's static).
> - Use of the default_user, default_db, and default_passwd in the php.ini.
> - Hopefully more detailed error messages.
> - Native support for returning results from functions, and SQL based
>   constructs (outside of SELECT statements).
> If you have any specific functionality you would like to see, please send
> it to me, and I will see what I can do about adding this in.
> I would like to add this into the current PHP system, to allow users to
> start playing with and testing as well.  Well probably just as soon as I
> finish some more of the odbc2_exec/odbc2_execute() cleanups.  This code is
> not optimized in any way, shape, or form.  It's not even believed to work
> with a lot of systems.  Because of this, I would like to hear back
> commentary back on any suggested recourse from those who've done this
> already.
> Hopefully this will prove to be a useful change, and people will be happy
> :)  As always send your comments to me.
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>  to slip this skin."
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