I know this my sound stupid but here it goes......

Can sessions be used to pass variables from one page to the next to create
persistent data? I have this working to a certain extent but can only pass a
variable to my second page, but not from my second page onto the third. Also
in my second page I cannot change the value of this variable i.e. bob = 100
on page 1, in page 2 I can display bob equalling 100 but then I want to a)
alter the value of bob to 50 and b) send bob and its new value to third
page. Can this be done by using sessions?

Also how do you pass the session id of one page onto the next? do you pass
it on the end of the page reference e.g. 

echo "<FORM METHOD=GET ACTION='msltest3.php'.SID.>";

Any help would be grateful even if it was to tell me that I have got the
wrong idea about sessions altogehter.



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