You sould register sessions first, and if have been registered, are passing
with session_start() in each page at the top, before the <html> tag..

If you want to pass variables from a page to another, put them in the url:
test.php?var=3&name=george (e.g.)

Be sure that the page you refer is dynamic (.php)

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> Hi,
> I know this my sound stupid but here it goes......
> Can sessions be used to pass variables from one page to the next to create
> persistent data? I have this working to a certain extent but can only pass
> variable to my second page, but not from my second page onto the third.
> in my second page I cannot change the value of this variable i.e. bob =
> on page 1, in page 2 I can display bob equalling 100 but then I want to a)
> alter the value of bob to 50 and b) send bob and its new value to third
> page. Can this be done by using sessions?
> Also how do you pass the session id of one page onto the next? do you pass
> it on the end of the page reference e.g.
> echo "<FORM METHOD=GET ACTION='msltest3.php'.SID.>";
> Any help would be grateful even if it was to tell me that I have got the
> wrong idea about sessions altogehter.
> Thanks
> Mark
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