Hallo everybody,

I do have a little problem and can't come up with an answer. Can somebody
help me?

I would like to use two variables in a function, $database_viva and $viva.

$database_viva = "test";
$username_viva = "xxxx";
$password_viva = "xxxx";
$viva = mysql_pconnect($hostname_viva, $username_viva, $password_viva) or

365 function show($typ,$id)
366 {
367 global $database_viva,$viva;
368 //Datensaetze auswaehlen
369 mysql_select_db($database_viva, $viva);

I receive this error message on my local system (Windows XP,PHP Version

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting
T_VARIABLE or '$' in d:\projekte\viva_neu\tmpggi4z2n7s1.php on line 367

But the script runs without a problem on the remote system (Unix,PHP 4.1.2)

If I uncomment the 'global line' it is working local, but I get an error
message on the remote system???

365 function show($typ,$id)
366 {
367 //global $database_viva,$viva;
368 //Datensaetze auswaehlen
369 mysql_select_db($database_viva, $viva);

Thanks for your help in advance,


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