hello all...
in my phpscript user posts news text. they copy it from other sites (news 
sites) can  paste in the form and submit. the script stores that news in 
blob field in mysql table.

when i display that news in page say, news.php i want it should be displyed 
in the font which was in the original news (in the site from which user had 
copied it).

i can use one field named 'font' in mysql table where that news is stored. 
and while displaying it, can use font name dynamically something like <font 
name=$font_name >...

ofcourse it is possible provided, that font is installed in the client side.

but how to detect the font name from the original news??

is there any other possible way to do this stuff in php??

thanks in advance :-)
i hope could have explain my problem well :)


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