I have two MySQL tables, groups and users:
    groups: group_id, group_name
    users:   user_id, user_name, group_id, etc.
I would like to produce one table for each group which will list all the
members for that particular group. For example:
    Blue (group_id 1)
        Tom (group_id 1)
        Nancy (group_id 1)
        Jim (group_id 1)
    Red (group_id 2)
        Bob (group_id 1)
        Susan (group_id 1)
        James (group_id 1)
My question is, do I need to run 2 queries? The first to select all the
groups and the second to select all the users in each group based on the
group_id? How would I loop through to create a table for each group? 
Thanks inadvance for any help.
Randy Rankin

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