On Monday 06 October 2003 00:24, Wang Feng wrote:

> Note, he post the message to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] rather than

Yes that's a bit better than posting on [EMAIL PROTECTED]

But the point is that php-db is for questions about using various DBs *with* 
PHP. The question being asked is solely about how to use the DBMS in 
question. It has nothing, nothing at all to do with PHP.

> There's nothing wrong to ask questions @ php-DB.

As long as they're relevant.

And 3 more points while I'm still in rant mode:

1) The subject (of this thread) is non-descriptive.
2) The OP has posted this same question *twice* in as many days, at the 
weekend, when most people will not be reading the list until they return to 
work on Monday.
3) And twice he's declined to disclose what DB is being used.

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