> I'm trying to make "shops" that sell virtual objects.  They restock
> every 15 minutes.  This is all set up.  The problem is, I would like
> have objects in these shops with a random chance of being restocked.
> idea is to store two numbers in the restock list: chance, and outof.
>  (For a 1/5 chance on each restock, those values would be 1 for
> 5 for outof).  The problem is, I need a way of generating a random
> number within a certain range.  I thought of going through php and
> mt_rand(), but that would make for a very inefficient script.  Any

MySQL has a RAND() function. Returns a random number between zero and
one. Multiply it by your limit and add one to get a range.


To get a random number between one and five. To make an update random,
try something like this:

UPDATE yourtable SET ... WHERE FLOOR(RAND()*5)+1 = 1 AND ...

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