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Interesting program, did anyone else check it out?? All it really does
is generate reports and create admin interfaces to add/edit data in a
database. The reports are pretty good, you can open your database,
choose what columns you want, create relationships, add to the SQL Where
clause, make the results links (and pass values in them) or images, etc.

It would be useful to someone with no programming experience at all,
which is always the case with these "code generators". 

There are some issues with the PHP code creation, of course. For some
reason, it uses $HTTP_GET_FILES, instead of $HTTP_GET_VARS. This, of
course, causes the Prev/Next and other links to fail. There may be
others, that's the obvious one I found right away. 

It also requires the user to turn on output buffering in php.ini. Why?
The code for some reason contains a ob_start() and session_start() call,
but it never uses a session or does anything with the buffer. If output
buffering is required to be on in php.ini, then why call ob_start()?? I
think it's a bad idea to require changes to php.ini, anyhow. 

And, the most blaring oversight, IMO, is that it only generates code for
Access and MSSQL. ?? Come on...if you're going to take the time to write
this, why not include MySQL? 

Plus, they need to run a spell and grammar check on the help files... :)

Not worth 80 Euro / 82 dollars in my opinion...

---John Holmes...

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