a php/mysql already exist : http://www.bigprof.com/appgini/

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> > Use Codejay as your web assistant.
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> > Visit  www.codejay.com
> Interesting program, did anyone else check it out?? All it really does
> is generate reports and create admin interfaces to add/edit data in a
> database. The reports are pretty good, you can open your database,
> choose what columns you want, create relationships, add to the SQL Where
> clause, make the results links (and pass values in them) or images, etc.
> It would be useful to someone with no programming experience at all,
> which is always the case with these "code generators". 
> There are some issues with the PHP code creation, of course. For some
> reason, it uses $HTTP_GET_FILES, instead of $HTTP_GET_VARS. This, of
> course, causes the Prev/Next and other links to fail. There may be
> others, that's the obvious one I found right away. 
> It also requires the user to turn on output buffering in php.ini. Why?
> The code for some reason contains a ob_start() and session_start() call,
> but it never uses a session or does anything with the buffer. If output
> buffering is required to be on in php.ini, then why call ob_start()?? I
> think it's a bad idea to require changes to php.ini, anyhow. 
> And, the most blaring oversight, IMO, is that it only generates code for
> Access and MSSQL. ?? Come on...if you're going to take the time to write
> this, why not include MySQL? 
> Plus, they need to run a spell and grammar check on the help files... :)
> Not worth 80 Euro / 82 dollars in my opinion...
> ---John Holmes...
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