It is deprecated as it creates a massive security hole.  However, all
you have to do is change the setting in your php.ini file.  Set
register_globals=On.  That's all.  However, for all code you write from
now on you should use $_POST, $_GET and the like.

Read this article.

~ Matthew

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I was recently told this:

"register_globals is a deprecated function due to security problems.  It
will NOT be available in the next version of PHP.  As a result, the
recommended way to access is with $_REQUEST["HTTP_USER_AGENT"] instead."

This is a joke right? I've got thousands of lines of code that rely on
the availability of $HTTP_USER_AGENT. I've been doing it that way since
1998... It's not like the PHP guys to release new versions that are
incompatible with the old ones. Please tell me this is not for real.

<>< Ryan

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