I am trying to create a "next n" interface through php4, using results from
a mysql query. I did this in the past easily with ColdFusion, but this time
it's a bit more complicated.

What I need to do basicaly is to have only 5 results per page. The first
page displays the 5 results and "Next Page >>>" at the bottom, the second
page displays results 6 to 10 and displays "<<< Previous Page | Next Page
>>>" , up until the last page that displays only the previous page, and the
last results (from 1 to 5).

I don't necessarely need to have each page as a number at the bottom, just
the previous and next links. All I need basically is to either get or output
only 5 rows at a time, with only needing the $_GET['startrow'] variable.

Can anyone help me? (or just throw me a link to an existing page/script)


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