hi all

have a really simple query:

$twowksworth = @mysql_query("SELECT updates.MODELCODE, updates.SETNO,
updates.FRPICNO, updates.TOPICNO, updates.CPOSTDATE, updates.ZIPFILENAME,
updates.TOTPICS, models.MODELNAME FROM updates LEFT JOIN models ON
updates.MODELCODE = models.MODELCODE WHERE updates.CPOSTDATE >= (
updates.CPOSTDATE " ) ;

When this was originally written it worked like a charm.  I puirposefully
let it 'run out' of data by not adding any more to the table.  each day for
two weeks the list resulting from this query got shorter as expected.  The
day after there was no data, it started listing the entire contents of the
table.  What the...

So i added a few weeks worth of data and now it correctly cuts off at
today's dat but it completely ignores the curdate() - 14 portion and lists
the entire table up to today's date.

this is so basic i cant figure it out.  besides, it used to work.  wht
gives?  Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  I'm really new to php
and mysql, but until now felt i had made good progress in the past couple
weeks.  just cant figure out how to troubleshoot this error due to lack of
experience and knowledge.

is there something really basic i am missing here?  any pointers would be
greatly appreciated!!



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