I've just learned a bit about Java Beans and how they are useful in 
separating content from style. They let you do XSLT'ish stuff in your HTML 
to grab data while not bogging down your HTML with database-related 
function calls. I've heard this setup referred to as "templates" and 
"3-tier". It has all kinds of advantages, the biggest of which 
is probably the ability to specialize: Allow your web-designer 
to work with HTML/CSS and your DBA to work with SQL, with no 

Obviously, PHP doesn't really lend itself to this sort of setup at first.
At least, I haven't found a good way to do it.

Does anyone have any good docs on how to setup a 3-tier templated system 
in PHP that separates content from style? If not, how about a few words on 
this idea? What are your thoughts? How can PHP tackle this problem?


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