On October 9, 2002 04:29 pm, 1LT John W. Holmes wrote:
> One of the most popular template engines is Smarty. Search on google for
> it. There are plenty of others and even some modules that can be installed
> into PHP for faster performance.

Yes, there are many. I typically use a very simple template engine that I 
crafted myself. Performance usually isn't a problem, and if it is you could 
always just make a minimal engine that will meet your needs (by sacrificing 
features for speed).

> YOu can easily seperate logic from presentation with PHP, but most people
> choose not to. For most simple projects out there, there's no reason to
> involve database abstraction and templating...

Agreed. Well, there is at least *one* reason to involve templating and db 
abstraction in simple projects. By using good practices for small projects, 
there won't be so much temptation to slink out of them on larger projects!

While sound design (abstraction, logic seperation, what not) may not yield as 
many advantages in small projects, it is absolutely commendable to apply 
"best practice" standards to all projects.


Mark Nenadov,
Freelance Software Developer

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