I'm new at using PHP and mySQL, so please forgive my potentially naive question.

I have a series of checkboxes with different values.  The user can select any number 
of checkboxes, and I need to store this information in a mySQL table.

2 questions:
Should I have a unique form name for each checkbox, and store it's boolean value in 
the database, 
OR (is it more streamlined) ..
To create an array <input type=checkbox name=apps value =myarray[$i]> with the same 
name but different value for each checkbox.

Finally, how do I construct the query to store the array of values?  Do I need a 
separate column (enum('n','y') for each value, or should I store all the true values 
as a long text string?

If anyone has some code snippets, that would help very much.

Thanks very much!

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