The query didn't return any rows when the only row in the table matched the criteria.  
Someone else suggested adjusting the field width in the table which worked.  I didn't 
think the PASSWORD() function added that many additional characters (5 character 
password resulted in a string longer than 15).  The stored string's end was 
concatenated.  I found that in my example it made the string 4 times as long.


Tim Haak

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Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] Selecting PASSWORD() value in MySQL

> I'm trying to retrieve data from a MySQL table which contains data
> encrypted with the MySQL "PASSWORD()" function from a PHP script but I
> can't seem to get it to work.  Below is the query I'm trying:
> SELECT * FROM user_data WHERE username = 'thaak' AND password =
> PASSWORD('thaak');
> I then tried the following subquery/subselect:
> SELECT * FROM user_data WHERE username = 'thaak' AND password IN
> PASSWORD('thaak') FROM user_data);
> ...which also didn't work.

How do you know it "didn't work"? The first query is what you want to
use. If you are using PHP variables, make sure they actually have the
values you expect in them.

---John Holmes...

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