I'm trying to retrieve data from a MySQL table which contains data encrypted with the 
MySQL "PASSWORD()" function from a PHP script but I can't seem to get it to work.  
Below is the query I'm trying:

SELECT * FROM user_data WHERE username = 'thaak' AND password = PASSWORD('thaak');

I then tried the following subquery/subselect:

SELECT * FROM user_data WHERE username = 'thaak' AND password IN (SELECT 
PASSWORD('thaak') FROM user_data);

...which also didn't work.

If I just execute "SELECT PASSWORD('thaak')" from the MySQL command line it returns 
the same value stored in the password column of my user_data table.  I verified these 
queries at the MySQL command line so I don't think it's a PHP problem.

I need to compare the password the user enters to log in against the password stored 
in the DB.  In addition to the "PASSWORD()" function, I also tried "MD5()" and 
"ENCRYPT()" but they also failed.  Can someone please help me accomplish this or point 
me to some resources that might help?


Tim Haak

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