I've taken a look at theses scripts but, they also works with the standard
multipart-form data method...
I don't want to use this because it's too long for users when you try to
upload multiple huge files..
I'm looking for a tool or script that could work like a direct ftp browser
where you can select files and upload them fast as possible.

All i've found work with http forms...

No one have an idea ?
May be I had to work with another language, like java to do theses upload..
I don't knwo what to do...

"Joran" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit dans le message de news:
> Hi!
> If you search for "4images" on hotscripts.com (php section ofcourse),
> you will find an image gallerey with the function you ask for, multiple
> image uploads,
> there you can upload a total of 10 images at the same time :) But I havent
> had the
> time to look at the code yet, just know it works :)
> Good Luck :)
> Jøran Sørbø :: Norway

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