On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 10:18:07PM +0100, Georgie Casey wrote:
> Im getting a too many connections error in my PHP pages at
> http://www.free-ringtones.tv. I presume this is from the MySQL server, and I
> know I access the database a lot for each page. So whats the solution to

MySQL has a default of either 50 or 100 concurrent connections.  Exceed it
and you'll get that error.  That parameter is configurable - if you run the
MySQL daemon itself.  If you use shared hosting, you may not be able to 
tweak it.

Do the pages -need- to be totally dynamic, or can you use the caching system
you mentioned?  If so, then wrap code that stats an HTML page for the time,
and if it's too old, update it.  Be sure to use file locking so you don't
clobber yourself.

Moreover, do you open one connection and re-use it in a page, or do you do
multiple opens and closes?  

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