On 10/23/2002 06:18 PM, Georgie Casey wrote:
Im getting a too many connections error in my PHP pages at
http://www.free-ringtones.tv. I presume this is from the MySQL server, and I
know I access the database a lot for each page. So whats the solution to
this?? Write scripts that create static html pages that update every 20
minutes or so??

And was it the host that limited my connections???
You probably reached the number of persistent connections configured in php.ini . If you allow a larger number you probably exhaust your server memory until it crashes.

The best solution is to cache content taken from the database and that does not vary frequently. That will also make your site faster. In that case you may want to try this class that can be used to store arbitrary data in files, like the HTML excerpts that are generated from your database queries.



Manuel Lemos

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