> Here's what I'd like to know: Is there a PHP function for easily finding
and removing a line >from a flat file of data. And, if not, is there a way
to remove a line (or lines) after finding them >using fget()?

Easy way to do this is with file(). It'll read the entire file into an
array, with each array element being a line of the file. Use array_search()
to find the line you're looking for, then unset() that element.

//line to look for
$search = "...";

$file = file("file.txt");
$key = array_search($search,$file);
if($key === FALSE)
{ echo "line not found"; }
{ unset($file[$key]); }

//write corrected file back to disk
$fp = fopen("file.txt");

Adapt to your needs...

---John Holmes...

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