Steve Vernon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>    Just wondering what is the best way to get some data out of a
>    database in cutom order.
>    They all have grades like A*, A, B, C and some are grade Secret.
>    If I sort them by grade secret is at the bottom, I would like this
>    at the top. I realise I could get all the Secret's, then A*, then A
>    as seperate calls, but id prefer to get them all in the correct
>    order as I belive this will be faster.

You could use a case construct like this:

select x, y, z,
  case grade 
    when 'Secret' then 1
    when 'A*' then 2
    when 'A' then 3
    when 'B' then 4
    when 'C' then 5
  as sorted_grade
from your_table
order by sorted_grade;


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