Thanks John!
Say, are there any arguments not to use MS-SQL?
Did you run into any problems?


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        Well, I'm not sure what everyone will tell you, but this is what I did.  I 
used "MyODBC" (on windows) to connect to SQL Server using the built-in "odbc_***()" 
PHP functions.  There is also the matter of changing your SQL Statements to be 
compatible with SQL Server.  MySQL and SQL Server have quite a few differences with 
SQL Statements.  As far as the rest of your code, it should not matter if it's on UNIX 
or Windows.

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> I want to apologize for my ignorance in advance...
> I'm developing PHP code with MySQL on Unix platforms for
> quite a while. Now
> I'm asked to use my unix based PHP code with a MS-SQL database on a
> Microsoft platform. So while having the php code on a unix
> platform the
> MS-SQL database is obviously sitting on a Microsoft platform.
> Can this work
> and if so how can I do this?
> Thanks,
> Axel
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