Ühel ilusal päeval [29-10-2002 12:14] kirjutas Martin Hudec:
> Hello Peter,

I'm not Peter and i don't know, if i can help, but here is one idea.

> I have server of travel agencies records (we need to update this, so
> it is slave) with stable IP....and then bunch of other computers (from
> these we are updating...so they are all masters) in various travel
> agencies...but not all of them have stable IP (some joins using
> dialup...some have stable line)...some girl there updates
> database...and they may not be on net....:).....
> So in this case i have one slave and many masters.....

So you can't determine database servers' ip addresses, since they may or
may not be dynamic. So don't use the ip address, use hostname and
update this hostname every time ip-address changes. You can do it with
your own scripts and local host file or you can use public services like
www.dyndns.org offers.


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