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PL> Hi

PL> If the records are all independant - ie travel agent (TA) A has their own
PL> records and so does TA B then REPLACE INTO MainDB SELECT * FROM
PL> Travel_agent_A_DB so the main database is just receiveing updated records
PL> from the TAs.

Yes they are independent....each record has column named originTA
where i will put ID of TA which is originator of record....

PL> Travel agent logs in to master php driven site .
PL> master php driven site logs TA IP
PL> master php driven site makes connection to TA mysql using IP

Looks like i will have to write script which will monitor connection
to MySQL port on master php driven site...

PL> master php driven site gets new/updated records
PL> master php driven site writes new/updated records to master DB

okay understand ;)

PL> If more than one travel agent can update the same record then you risk
PL> corrupting the data. If they do not have a live connection to the master
PL> then the record they update may itself be out of date. The only way I can
PL> see of doing this is soem system that locks a record for the period that TA
PL> might take updating it.

so on MainDB (our slave server :)....i will create database for each partner
with designated unique name for ex. Travel_agent_A_DB...here will i
put all updated info......or I will put it to mainDB....that risk of
corruption is out of talk, because each record will have its id of
origin (Travel_agent_A_DB).....at least I hope...:) and each travel
agent will update only their records....(...WHERE

I think with this i can forget about that risk....they are updating
only their records....not anyone else's...in example....

Travel_agent_A offers Greece in 10 days from 19.6.2003 to
29.6.2003...same destination
Travel_agent_B offers Greece in 10 days from 19.6.2003 to
29.6.2003...same destination

Travel_agent_A sells out all he can in to this days...but agent_B
still has few places ;))....

update will work as follows....agent_A will update his set of
records...setting them all sold out....agent_B will update his set of
records setting ten places left to be sold....

PL> Perhaps

PL> TA A login
PL> TA grab record, mark as locked
PL> TA B gets 'locked record' message
PL> TA A updates record and writes back to master
PL> record marked as not locked

Looks good...if my upper solution will not work i will try to use

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