Hello All,

How can I return and print an array from a user defined function from
a database from a row like this, *just one row*, but it contains more
than 1 columns:
| Field1 | Field2 |
| Data1  | Data2  |

I want the output will be: Data1

I have tried this:

funtion get_dbfield_data(){

 $conn=dbconn(); // mysql connection function
 $result=mysql_query("SELECT Field1,Field2 FROM table_name WHERE Condition);


 return $fields_data;
// End function

//... Now the main program

foreach($data as $k){
       echo "$k<br>";

The output : Data1

:( and if I count(get_dbfield_data()) it returns 1. Can anybody help
me? Thank you for your generous help...

Best regards,
Erick Wellem

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