Hello John,

Thanks, I've modified my code, and the solution is very simple

function get_dbfield_data(){ 

$conn=dbconn(); // mysql connection function 
$result=mysql_query("SELECT Field1,Field2 FROM table_name WHERE Condition); 

return $row; 

// End function 

//... Now the main program 


echo "Data Field : ".$data[0].", ".$data[1].""; 

The Output: 

Data Field : Data1, Data2 

Thanks for inspiring reply John... :)

Best regards,

Erick Wellem

Wednesday, October 30, 2002, 7:53:30 PM, you wrote:
1JWH> You're only returning the first column of each row. If you just want to
1JWH> return the first row in the result, then do this:

1JWH> $result = mysql_query(...)
1JWH> $row = mysql_fetch_row($result)
1JWH> return $row;

1JWH> ---John  Holmes...

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