This isn't the place for discussions of php development, I think php-dev
is what you want... but ah, PHP is a full-blown programming language,
even under widnows. <-- check this
page out

You can write shell scripts with it, associate windows with php files so
double-clicking on a php file will execute it, there's even wrappers for
the windows API..., not to
mention the windows port of SDL *and* GTK... 

-- Josh

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Question

Hi there everyone,

Why are so many attachments coming in to the list?  Hopefully it's not
because somebody has a virus and is infecting people who open them.

So don't open attachments unless you are expecting something.

Are there any plans to make PHP for windows a full blown programming
language that doesn't need to be run through a web browser?  That would
so nice in my opinion.


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