Also, you can limit access to a specific table in a specific database
for a specific user, if it makes sense in your application.

-- Josh

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Create a user "nobody" with no password and give that user select,
delete and insert capabilities in your DB and can only connect from
localhost (or a certain host).  This way they have to be on localhost in
order to gain access to your tables, and only then be able to do what
nobody user can do.

Then you need to make sure nobody can gain access to localhost without
express permission (i.e. plug all security holes).

Why are you showing people your source-code that has your password in


On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, William Trappeniers wrote:

> Hi all
> I was wondering if it is possible to protect my password to the
> from being in a PHP-script.  Now I can't do that, so everybody who
gets to
> see my php-sourcecode also can see my (not protected/not encrypted)
> password.
> How can I change this?
> Thanks,
> William
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