Check out, they have a great javascript refrence

Otherwise I have no idea :)
-- Josh

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Sorry for the OT post y'all.. but I can't find this answer - well not
without major major code information that I can't figure out!
I have a series of checkbox arrays like:
<input type="checkbox" name="delete[]" value="$row[id]">
These are for different records in my DB.
Now... I want to check (javascript - this is the off topic part :P) if
one of them checkboxes HAS been selected and if so display a confirm
This is what I have:
function checkform(f) {
  var el, e = 0, firstBox, msg = 'You are about to delete something';
  while (el = f.elements[e++]) 
   if (el.type == 'checkbox' && el.checked) {
    return confirm(msg); 
    return false;
  return true;
Now... this DOES work but with one problem.. I have another checkbox
within the form that does something different but the confirm() will
display if EITHER checkboxes are selected and it SHOULD ONLY be on the
delete[] checkbox.
I know.. waaay off topic but I don't know how to reference the names
that are arrays in javascript :(
Sorry again all.

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