Hi everyone,

I don't get my upload to work properly. It's a tutorial of the web, but it
doesn't function (unless I made a mistake). Please help me...
I have a form passing on 5 fields (text for testing), name: year, make,
model, price, picture and submit to PHP_SELF

if ($submit) {

$db = mysql_connect("localhost","myname","mypassword");

//DB Test for testing...

$sql = "INSERT INTO test (year,make,model,price,picture) VALUES
//I created these columns in the table test

echo "year: $year<br>\n";
echo "make: $make<br>\n";
echo "model: $model<br>\n";
echo "price: $price<br>\n";
echo "picture: $picture<br>\n";


I know I need globals on for this.
Thanx for the help,

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